Did you know?  Jack
Russell Racing has many
There are hurdles (racing
with jumps) and flats (no
jumps).  The dogs are also
divided into groups
depending on their age,
sex and height.  There are
puppy, adult, veteran,
shortie and geriatric age
groups.  The heights are
either unders (10"- 12.5"
tall) or overs (over
12.5"-15" tall) shorties
(under 10").  There are
also Championships
run-offs for the first place
winners of each race.  Now
you know!  
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"See Jack Go!"
Russell Racing
Swanback's Jocco (red)
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Dock Diving Jocco
Moby tracking
Digging Dirty Dory!
Moby working a track
Swanback's Jocco looking handsome at age 10
JRT racing; Glastonbury, CT 2008- Dory in Green
Swanback's Adorable (in green) making
Jocco proud!  Yankee Trials 2008
Dory and Gina in Iron Dog 2008
Dory and Andy post race; Iron Dog XII
Andy and Dory happy after a great race!
Happy, Dirty Dory post Iron Dog XII 2008; 1st place Civilian Division
Gem playing Agility
Baby Jocco; 1998
Little Baby Gem; 2001
Gem and Gina
Russell Racing; Jocco in Blue
Gem in NADAC Agility
Moby in NADAC agility
Dory flying high in Russell Racing; 2009
Dory earning her first Dock Dog Novice Leg;  Photo John Ewing
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Baby Cue, Moby, Dory and Gina
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Swanback's Cue; Dory daughter; Jocco granddaughter
....Proof is in this Puddin'
Adorable Dory and Gem
Moby smelling Spring
Moby in Tunnelers
Moby, Cue, Adorable Dory and Gem
Cue at 9 weeks old
Gina and Jocco in Go To Ground; Yankee 2000
Cue and Andy waiting to Lure
Cue, waiting for Lure Coursing
Andy and Dory at Pineland 2010; Canicross 5K
Dory looking Adorable!
Cue, wishing she was diving like her Mom....next year Cue, when you are bigger!
Dory and the big splash!  Rock Dogs Dock Dogs, Rockland, ME 2010
Dory flying high in perfect Dock Dog form!  9' 3
Cue waiting for Lure to start!
Rally; an amazingly fun sport for you and your dog!
Cue earns her Puppy Rally title; 2010
Cue earning her Puppy Rally title; 2010
Swanback's Gem earning one of NADAC's highest titles:  Versatility NATCH!
Gem and I earn our VERSATILITY NATCH 2010!!  Judge Ray Wheeler

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