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Nutrition, Genetics and Fitness info added regularly......  
Being in the Animal Medical Field as a Licensed
Technician for the last 25 years, this page holds a
special interest to me!
PLEASE!  Try to always remember, when seeking health advice
and using veterinary services, YOU are key to success.  YOU
must play your part in keeping your animal healthy.  Your
veterinary relationship, like ANY relationship, must be backed by
trust, understanding and partnership.  Be knowledgeable about
your choices and be happy with the results.  Don't be afraid to
ask questions and take time to make decisions.  That is your
responsibility!  No one thing works for everyone or everything
and finding the proper balance is crucial to a HAPPY life!  
(check out the
Critter Advocacy for help and info)
BAER= hearing testing for JRT's as the
white coat color can carry genetic deafness

OFA= orthopedic registry for dogs to
screen for genetic structure, heart and
thyroid problems

CERF= vision testing for genetic sight
diseases and blindness
TT= Temperament Testing to help rate the dogs ability to rebound from certain stress

CGC= Canine Good Citizens testing to help demonstrate a dogs good manners

TDI= Therapy Dogs International; registry for Therapy Dogs to help the Handicapped
(check our LINKS page to send you to other individual organization websites)

I am compiling a full list of products that work well for my Jack
Russells.  Updates will be added as found:   (eye, ear, coat and skin products)  (NEEM flea products, NU-PET tabs)  (feeding supplements/herbs)  (GI supplement PERFECT FORM/diets)  (Missing Link whole food supplement)  (Many holistic products/supplements)

"Always Under Vaccinated, Never Under Fed"- Gina Snow
Feeding your Jack Russell:
There are many reasons to start a raw food feeding
program; what Mother Nature intended.  Please check
out our
LINKS page or refer to these credible websites to
get you on your way to the best feeding plan possible for
your K9 Companion.  Nervous?  
Click here to ease your
mind. Why re-invent the wheel?  There are LOTS of great
premixes and remember,  
NEVER  feed meat alone!  This
can create a VERY serious condition involving the
Calcium/Phosphorus ratio!

Here is a controversial subject.  It is agreed and
recommended by the VACCINE MANUFACTURER
that ONLY Healthy and Parasite Free animals be
vaccinated (that includes worms and fleas).  That
said, millions of unhealthy pets are vaccinated
and they suffer great consequences.  A vaccine
reaction can be as simple as a bump, to a fever, to
a bleeding issue, to cancer.  You, as a pet owner,
need to be well educated if you are concerned
about your pet's health.  

Otherwise, you have many unwanted risks with
unneeded vaccine protection and you would
never know which vaccine gave the reaction if
they are not separated.  It is worth the extra drive,
appointment and money spent.  

Swanback only recommends the bare minimums
(Canine Distemper, Parvo and Rabies) given at the
appropriate age so that the Dam's antibodies do
not interfere with the puppy's immune response.  

After the initial puppy series, ONLY Titer checks
(blood levels) are done to measure proper
antibody levels in the dogs system.  NEVER is
another vaccine given unless the
titer shows the
need (ie. low level of antibody).  Never has
Swanback had to booster an adult animal.  The
titers remain high in even our 14 year old dog.  
Many will argue that the titers are not 100%.  
NOTHING IS.  But, that said, Swanback has never
had a dog sick with Parvo, Distemper, Kennel
Cough, Leptospirosis or any other disease.  We
know it can happen.  Mother Nature is cruel at
times.  Swanback truly believes that a healthy
dog; one that is fed correctly, exercised and
minimal chemical exposure (ie. flea medications,
vaccines, heartworm prevention etc) can fight
infection better if the need arises."I believe that
Mother Nature may take them but I am all done
killing them".
There are many wonderful websites and links on
this subject.  Check out &
for starters.  PLEASE take the time to educate
yourself for your Dog's SAKE!
Supplemental  Vaccine Information

Hospital Association brochure, this
informational insert on other recently
implicated risks is offered.  A few
Veterinary Reseachers have noted that
in some genetically predisposed breeds,
some have a higher incidence of
autoimmune disease.  Although poorly
understood at this time, these
individuals may develop an illness after
vaccination.  Breeds that are at
somewhat higher risk are as follows:

American Cocker Spaniel
German Shepherd
Golden Retriever
Irish Setter
Great Dane
Scottish Terriers
Shih Tzu
White Coated Dogs
Merle Coated Dogs
Fawn or Blue Dogs

This is directly from the
AAHA;  and the
Jack Russell is a White Coated Dog that
suffers GREATLY from vaccines
(everything from ear infections to
seizures).  Great CAUTION should be
used.  You must let your veterinarian
know BEFORE you vaccinate so proper
choices can be made!
To Neuter or Not to Neuter?  That
is rarely the question.  The real
question is: When?  This is an
important decision, especially if
you are getting your new JRT for
some type of sporting event.  
Check out
Dr.Chris Zink's article on
spay and neuter.  There is much to
learn!  Then you'll know!  

Swanback Jacks is actively helping with
this research, knowing it is important to all
helping with this study, please contact the
Cornell Coagulation Section, Dr. Brooks,
for more Swanback Jacks is information and
testing instruction for you information and
testing instruction for you and your
veterinarian.  The testing and your
veterinarian.  The testing consists of
drawing blood samples.  Swanback's
adults have all tested negative.   The
results are listed on the
Stats page  for
each dog.


Broad Institute is looking for DNA samples
from dogs diagnosed with certain
conditions.  If you are interested in
submitting samples and helping with this
research, check their website for details.
Looking for something
to naturally curb your
pets behavior, or
perhaps,  just put them
more at ease with
boarding, grooming or
travel?  Check out
natural flower
Green Hope Farm and
Bach have some safe
alternatives for
emotional wellbeing!
Wondering how to check if your diet choice is working?
Check out Pat Hastings book
"Tricks of the Trade"
Check out a neat video on movement and
structure problems!
is a jack right for you?  click here to check a site with lots of breed info!
Swanback's Adorable chasing fish!
Do you have an adverse reaction that
you think people should know about?  
Did your pet respond badly to a
product or a  medication?                       
Report it with the USDA!
This could help many other pets!
Wondering what the JRT, or any
breed, is predisposed to for
health issues?  Check out

Check out this GREAT site on
breeding better dogs!
Terrierific Doggie Gear! I love to use flexi
leashes for hiking when we cannot be off
leash.  Just remember:  Use
ONLY the all
belt leashes for safety reasons and be
respectful of others; don't let your dog
yo-yo around at the end of the leash while
others are trying to pass you.  Great collars and
leashes in fantastic patterns and colors.  
Chew proof guarantee too!  :-)  For the BEST fitting
Float Coats and WebMaster Hiking
Harness you must visit this site.  Pricey
but worth it!  For winter coats
that actually fit and are easy to put on.  
Orbee with Rope by Planet Dog (great water toy!)
Wubba by Kong (Easy to see water toy!)
I have found these toys to be exceptionally sturdy and long lasting for
the Jacks (except the Wubba which I only use while playing in the
water).  Remember:  
Always supervise any dog with their toys!
HARD Nylabones (Dogs love the Wishbone the most!)
Jolly Ball (an Old Time Favorite!)
Teaser Ball (IMPOSSIBLE for my Jacks to Ruin!  They LOVE this ball!)
Cuz Balls (the squeek drives dogs CRAZY!)
"Mother Nature may try to take them
but I'm all done killing them!"
Understand the dangers of over
vaccination! - Gina Snow
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Check the OFA website for all of Swanback Jacks Physical Clearances:
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                                          Amber Technologies offers a variety of          
                                           helpful herbal products.  Professionally          
                                           packaged with proper dosing and                   
                                           precaution labels, it has to be one of the        
                                           most complete lines offered.  One of their      
                                           most popular items is
Parvaid which not         
                                           only helps treat the disease but also              
                                           prevents it when there is a known threat.
                                      Other popular tinctures are Kennel Koff,            
                                       Kocci Free, Vibactra Plus and HWF.  Their         
                                       comprehensive programs take the                      
                                       guessing out of dosing.

Swanback uses Vibactra Plus for Lyme disease aid.  Swanback avoids
chemical tick prevention like Frontline and dislikes the use of routine
antibiotics.  We use Vibactra + twice per day for 5 days each month
during tick season (spring / fall).  With this, we add the homeopathic
Lyme Nosode.  Earth Animal also carries a
complete chemical free flea and tick program.  

***Like all herbals, watch for any allergic reactions and follow the dosing
guidelines exactly as directed.  Always consult your regular veterinarian
before adding Amber products to your pets program.

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I love HK's Keen!  HK quality with the oats these dogs do so well on!